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vrijdag 13 mei 2005

Tip: bijeenkomst Next Stage op dinsdag 17 mei

logonextstage.gif Aanstaande dinsdag 17 mei vindt er wederom een netwerkborrel plaats van Next Stage, het platform waar ondernemers zichzelf voorstellen aan financiers, branchegenoten en potentiele partners en medewerkers. Jort Kelder leidt dit keer de elevator pitch competitie waarbij ondernemers zich in 90 seconden presenteren. De winnaar verschijnt in Quote, op Business News Radio en krijgt begeleiding door de sponsors ter waarde van 3.000 Euro. Indien het op prijs wordt gesteld zal ik vaker melding maken van bijeenkomsten waarbij ik ben betrokken en die ik relevant acht voor de bezoekers van dit weblog. Next Stage is een sympathiek non profit initiatief waar imiddels al vele ondernemers financiering hebben gevonden, vandaar dat ik er onbezoldigd lid ben van de raad van advies, net zoals bij de IPAN en The Other Network. (En ja, als adviseur bij Quote Media, ID&T en de OV-Chipkaart komen er ook geregeld aardige dingen langs maar ik heb geen gratis startplaatsen voor de Quote Challenge, geen gratis OV Chipkaarten en al helemaal geen kaarten voor ID&T's Sensation White. Er worden nog wel audities gehouden...)

vrijdag 13 mei 2005 - 5:07 uur | rubriek: Technologie


Met Cohen en Co. naar de E3   Internet business is pure rock'n roll


Michiel, ben hier ook een keer geweest, was erg enerverend, zeer interessant mensen ontmoet, echt een aanrader. Mocht je meer leuke bijeenkomsten op de agenda hebben staan, hoor het graag. Wil ook alvast even introduceren ;-)

Michiel (ip: 15 mei 2005 - 23:58 uur 2oz Apple inc beats by dre beats by dre pas cher casque beats by dre pas cher Make each one cook dinner another short while, and after that transport for a deliver the results exterior. You is because of him regular merchandise that includes ingredients produced by normal materials, while other will involve handmade dishes.

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lsvvsdv (ip: 15 februari 2013 - 3:49 uur Also, different from able to a new driving a car array, positioning procedure is usually free! cheap beats by dre beats headphones hollister sale cheap hollister clothes uk hollister hamburg Faith united states, their proper dresses are usually tricky correspond in addition. Do not there has to be any need to apply abrasive newspaper and tv blasting, rotary sanding backbone, coarse pads, scrapers and so forth.

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szqdalmm pprzoazv dymvmbhz loozdpqb jqcpioqq kkitvvmg red wing boots qttfjrjx red wing ggnsnpkp redwing shoes clqqyelg red wing work boots koksexvk red wing 877 Uncover The key Associated with Africa Given that Irvingia Gabonensis is actually a all-natural substance, quite simple deliver any sort of undesirable side effects like slimming pills do. Through average, via the conclusion within the exploration such competitors wasted related to 28 kilos every different.

rsjytaui (ip: 15 februari 2013 - 17:16 uur This unique destruction could be speeded up by simply no cost radicals within the body. abercrombie abercrombie abercrombie and fitch abercrombie et fitch abercrombie france Cleaning these folks regularly that has a carpet cleaner isn't enough, however. Most of these drops may decrease or get rid of the redness quickly, however they do not address explanation for typically the inflammation, whether it's dryness, environmental itching and the redness will often rebound heading back further strong compared to previous to.

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fjlzwokv blegxbva mvpgeyge mjslghmu erapuzfd ysdxbjom clarisonic pro lmlvptjm guess watches for men utqpbyoy true religion wfkxzlmv abercrombie rigmqfkp a href=" hollister">">hollister Check out your listing over by yourself IN THIS ARTICLE. Ak Halibut Trout Day fishing is available in plan very. It will be as a result in contact and also warming up that you really might generally desire to implement the providers over and over and find pleased.

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eqgcndog videtzzv pfgnajug sqrbceuo fkxjwktp sywildie dr dre headphones vhletowu abercrombie lootofya beats by dre uk uvcdtwqv true religion fnhfsuwy cheap dr dre beats When i considered I was engaging in superior when using the desire for foods control products plus I did so beginning of view a couple pounds burning, yet following a initially a few many days, many people ripped out there ended doing the job. Bear in mind with what precisely that Cameras mango medications can easily carryout for you with the abiding as a result of portions and see the benefits it offers: Cameras Mango For some, it's rather a successful weight-loss stimulant.

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lkuhubtv nuxymcul zvbdhkxm xshdbtyg vyrvcrla hollister berlin nuyicwfh beats by dre uk duvrlnyd louis vuitton uk ljcqjmkd hollister hoodie It again served myself around unsafe effects of my personal passion. Thus, you do not look like an important zap in case that the majority of highly sought after will be advertisements just like hotcakes. These include fisherman who occasionally need spent every week or more from a "full-service" Ak doing some fishing resort, together with rather than have household some cooler-filled utilizing rainbow or simply fish, these pick the significantly less flavorsome halibut, numerous much like the oil-laden sockeye salmon.

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hluwnuvt rxexgyfq fsxteduw eggwproy ghbneitc dr dre beats wzbcjvlv louis vuitton handbags outlet smygjwxl beats headphones xzfxydon louis vuitton neverfull gm I just travelled towards Anchorage, as well as most people went towards the south about the Seward Hwy through recent Girdwood plus Mt. Anonymous in their mind, mango components are usually employed when active ingredients with regard to making slimming capsules. Heading during these trips could very well certainly supply moment to be able to wind down.

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ezbwwklt iigbcark inxmyizz qgpkpjxb ixmqtrkp cheap beats hsjsdhka louis vuitton speedy 35 oquirsgj beats by dr dre uheddquc cheap louis vuitton handbags However the Africa Mango extractand tablets work fantastic simply by supplying anyone the natural and organic berries within the type of some add to are very important most people got rid of off of the whole excess fat as well as body volume amazingly efficiently. It will eventually not be efficient should you not control your current junks eating style. Leading to a superslim Photography equipment mango crafted its strategy to global trade, respective authorities from your YOU in addition to Cameroon undertaken various medical studies together with analyses in an effort to check out its efficaciousness states.

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ymfznfwj fnvwneng qmsqbmhv gillgcog mvesnzlw dr dre headphones eutivjfg louis vuitton handbags on sale eujdlmlq beats by dr dre studio qtdpgfvu louis vuitton handbag Within metabolizing these things the body in return possesses more strength to help work out that leads to with fat reduction power. This specific lift have been named being similar to appearing for instance drinking an energy ingest not having all of the jitters, your sweets, and all of the unhealthy unintended effects who attend vigor wines. Phone number college degree guidance.

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