Wednesday 16 June 2004

Adam Sandler digs Paula Abdul

"When I'm sitting in my car in front of my office, talking to my mother on the cell phone, here are the songs I play while she's talking so I don't have to hear her."
- Adam Sandler explains the inclusion of Paula Abdul's Straight Up in his playlist on iTunes.

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Thursday 3 June 2004

It was a tough choice

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show stated that the U.S. choice for president of Iraq, Mr. Adnan Pachachi, turned down the job because it conflicted with his other goal which was "to die a natural death." [Thanks to Chris P.]

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Wednesday 2 June 2004

A search engine in its quiet period

Tonight I moderated a panel (Dutch) about search engine marketing. Where are those days when journalists asked me how it felt to be an Internet-entrepreneur, 'the new rockstars'? LOL. The debate was pretty tame, mostly because the Google representative was not allowed to participate at the last moment, due to the upcoming IPO. He was in the audience though - a decision he may have regretted as I kicked off the panel with the microphone in his face anyway.... he stuck to escape number 1: 'No comment.' Still, I just gave a radio interview for national public radio (Dutch) where I declared that Google is not evil. They feed their staff and guests too well to be evil.

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