Monday 23 August 2004

Unexpected interior decorating style of President Bush

bush.jpg The Onion reports on the major improvements president Bush has made to the Oval Office. Seems like the president prefers plasma over LCD, interesting choice.

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Friday 13 August 2004

The high priest of software coding is Dutch

Enjoyed reading the headline Saving Tivo through Strangeberry on PVR Blog, which summarizes an interview with Arthur van Hoff in Business 2.0. 'He's an obscure but revered high priest of software coding. And he thinks he's devised a way to pull TiVo back from death's door' sounds to me like the pitch for a science fiction flick. Van Hoff could have a cameo as huge hungry robot that eats defenseless bloggers.

[Thanks to Dale Dietrich for the tip.]

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Wednesday 11 August 2004

Testing a posting from a mobile phone

Dialing in at 9600 bps is just so 1994. woensdag.jpg

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Tuesday 3 August 2004

"I am George W. Bush and I think this message is just awesome"

Will Ferrell does a better Bush than the president. "You sure it's not a bear, or a puma?"

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Monday 2 August 2004

And finally some positive news

The CEO of Rentokil got fired for an extremely boring Powerpoint-presentation. Let this be a warning for all the Powerpoint-jockeys out there...

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