Friday 15 October 2004

One artist left behind

No Child Left Behind should broaden its scope and include artists. The Dutch most prominent cultural contribution to the world before Big Brother has been desecrated.

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Saturday 9 October 2004

Get your European bloggers view on the debate here

Dutch journalist Arjan Dasselaar blogs live live during the presidential debate, in English. His view may interest Americans, who ususally can't read most non-English blogs.

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The sofa from hell threatens eBay

Brian Dear learns why RSS threatens eBay after he had some trouble getting rid of his gigantic sofa. Obviously it takes more, like a heavily trafficked site (he mentions Craiglist, partly owned by eBay) that has the feeds enough users will subscribe to. But he does raise a very good point: who needs the middleman if you can hang an RSS-feed with the stuff you want to sell off your blog, that will be scooped up by a Technorati-like service? Except, of course, that does create a new middleman. [Via John Battelle]

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Wednesday 6 October 2004

Edwards won

Edwards won the debate, not by being incredibly good, but by being better than most people expected. Especially on foreign policy, widely regarded as his weak spot. Cheney scored with the oneliner 'I am chairman of the senate but the first time I met you was when you walked on this stage tonight.' But Edwards tore Cheney apart on economic policy, especially with the oneliner 'your tax cuts benefit rich people sitting by their swimming pools, while our soldiers in Iraq are paying more taxes than before.' Overall, it goes to Edwards for doing better than expected on international policy. This will increase pressure on the Bush-campaign.

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