Thursday 26 May 2005

The worst website ever seen

My vote goes to the application described here. [Thanks to Marza]

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Monday 23 May 2005

The Daily Show on the blogging hype

I just found the link to an extremely funny Daily Show report on how cable news networks love to follow blogs - and then read out loud what they are seeing on their computer screens. [Via Blue Ace (Dutch)]

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Monday 9 May 2005

Science fiction: the expressionless girl

This and this just can not be real... but it is. (Thanks to Marza)

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Sunday 8 May 2005

President Bush spent a night in Holland

President Bush flew back from Eastern Europe for a brief visit to Holland, where he visited the Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial and delivered this speech. Exactly a year ago I spent a weekend at the same hotel the president stayed yesterday, also followed by a visit to the cemetary at Margraten. Today was a day without politics, where the people who died for our freedom were properly honoured and remembered.

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