The arrival in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia, was heartwarming with thousands of people waiting on us for hours.

On Monday we drove from Slovenia through Croatia and Serbia to Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. This is Rob on Tuesday morning in full Team Top Fun outfit, getting ready for lift off.

Only a few hours later I stand next to the wreck of a Ferrari, trying to block the angle of Bulgarian paperazzi. One of the contestants died on impact, his friend is still in a coma.

Talking about negotiating a bad deal, this was surely it; the police let the other contestants leave for Turkey, if two of us remained behind for questioning. I had no problem volunteering, but had second thoughts when I had this view for a while.

After I got to Istanbul that night, I didn't sleep much. This is sunrise.

We took it nice and easy on Wednesday, cruising around Istanbul. This is the Bosporus, with a Lamborghini on the left and Asia on the right.

Quick snap on the drive to Greece.

Thursday offered a long and winding road down from Thessaloniki, Greece, to the harbour town where we took the ferry to Italy.

We arrived in Italy on Friday morning and drove a straight line to Monaco.

I had driven enough for a while and had a truck transport my car back to Holland. And only in Monaco is a helicopter to the Nice airport cheaper than a taxi.

Monaco on Saturday night.



Sunday 18 September 2005

Around the world in a week

My body is back home in Amsterdam from a week full of heaven and hell. My mind is still caught somewhere in between.

It's Saturday, September 10, and cameraman Albert is up high on a Swiss alp filming the arriving Challengers.

On Sunday we had to floor it, driving from Switzerland through Italy to Slovenia, to keep within shooting distance of the most spectacular cars.


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