There were Vincent and I.

There was Anwar pointing out a Renoir and a Gauguin amid some empty spots on the wall. No wonder, without security.

A Picasso and me.

And Bas with the other side of the same painting - not surprisingly, also a Picasso.

Waking up on Monday morning with a view of Harvard and Boston in the distance.

This is the matchmaking session on Tuesday morning: over 300 meetings between Dutch and American companies and institutions like universities and research labs were held. Really cool to watch from the wings.

Me at my gig: presenting the elevator pitches of 12 companies, varying from a mom and pop operation to IBM. I was on for two hours, starting at 8 am so it was really early and pretty intense, but lots of fun to do. Truly a pleasure and an honour.

In the afternoon we went for a walk of Boston, passing by the USS Constitution.

Bas and John (aka Vectrix and Intel) climbing Bunker Hill, where a historic and gruesome battle took place in 1775. From here on we followed the Freedom Trail towards Boston.

John thought it was a good idea to stop every half mile for a beverage. I fought it but lost...

Now this looks like a real big sports bar...

... and it is, but underneath Fenway Park where the Red Sox were playing. A true Boston finale to a really interesting week.



Saturday 1 October 2005

Back from High Tech Connections

This week I tagged along on yet another trade mission, this time with the Dutch secretary of foreign trade to Boston for High Tech Connections.

On Sunday night we were invited to a buffet/banquet in the Fogg Art Museum, part of Harvard, in Cambridge. After dinner we walked around, the first time I have ever been in an empty museum. It was unbelievable.


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