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Tuesday 9 February 2010

True Tuesdays episode 2: Daniel Brusilovsky

When we started True Tuesdays, the idea was (and still is) to show inspiring, forward looking talks in the middle of a global recession.

I am not a journalist, but an entrepreneur and investor so my interviews are more chats and tend to have a different approach and atmosphere from a typical media interview. I don't pretend to be unbiased, I'm a believer in this medium and the industry and I am trying to show the 'best of breed', so to speak. So when we sat down with Daniel Brusilovsky a few weeks ago at the Techcrunch offices, the plan was to hear the views on technology of a very bright kid. And perhaps to advise him to have fun and stay a kid as long as possible. We had a nice talk and we finished editing the video last week, just before all hell broke loose.

A line was crossed
On Thursday, Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington announced that he had 'terminated an underage intern.' Brusilovsky didn't admit any wrongdoing, but admitted on his blog that 'a line was crossed'. The incident has since become something of a scandal, although in this video-interview with Andrew Warner, Brusilovsky denied ever accepting a Macbook Air or any other product in exchange for a posting on Techcrunch. He does admit that he didn't handle things the best possible way, having joked about accepting a Macbook Air in exchange for a blogpost and accepting an iMac as a birthday gift from business relations.

About the video
So although the video is now dated, we want to show it because Brusilovsky is a bright, motivated kid that made a mistake. He's not a criminal, there was no extortion of poor little startups and he's not the next coming of Osama Bin Laden. Michael Arrington doesn't think so either, or he wouldn't have showed up at Brusilovsky's Teens in Tech conference on Saturday. The video starts in Dutch, but after a minute it's all in English. Or whatever you call my attempt to speak it.

About True Tuesdays
True Tuesdays is a weekly videoseries where Michiel Frackers, co-founder of Holland's largest internet company Planet Internet and shareholder in 925 and Flabber, meets inspiring people in Silicon Valley. Goal is to inspire the Dutch technology and startup scene, but anyone is welcome to watch. Feel free to embed the video on your own blogs; Holland's biggest news website and leading technology and marketing blogs do. Episode 1 with Janpieter Scheerder, all in Dutch, is here.

Camera and editing: Godfried de Vries. True Tuesdays is an initiative of True, the leading Dutch hosting company.

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