True Tuesdays is a weekly videoseries where Michiel Frackers, co-founder of Holland's largest internet company Planet Internet and shareholder in 925 and Flabber, meets inspiring people in Silicon Valley. Goal is to inspire the Dutch technology and startup scene, but anyone is welcome to watch. Feel free to embed the video on your own blogs; Holland's biggest news website and leading technology and marketing blogs do.

Camera and editing: Godfried de Vries. True Tuesdays is an initiative of True, the leading Dutch hosting company.



Tuesday 13 April 2010

True Tuesdays episode 11: Bill Zimmerman


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Saturday 1 October 2005

Back from High Tech Connections

This week I tagged along on yet another trade mission, this time with the Dutch secretary of foreign trade to Boston for High Tech Connections.

On Sunday night we were invited to a buffet/banquet in the Fogg Art Museum, part of Harvard, in Cambridge. After dinner we walked around, the first time I have ever been in an empty museum. It was unbelievable.


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Tuesday 11 May 2004

Calendar Calisthenics

I wonder how many European vc's in the technology sector are as focused on balancing time between helping their existing portfolio companies, finding new investments and networking, as David Hornik.

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Wednesday 28 April 2004

Google pros and cons

brin.jpg Pro:

  • Good looking management

  • co-founder an immigrant, like the Chief Yahoo

  • It's 'the people's IPO'
  • Con:

  • Past performance of once promising tech IPO's
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