True Tuesdays is a weekly videoseries where Michiel Frackers, co-founder of Holland's largest internet company Planet Internet and shareholder in 925 and Flabber, meets inspiring people in Silicon Valley. Goal is to inspire the Dutch technology and startup scene, but anyone is welcome to watch. Feel free to embed the video on your own blogs; Holland's biggest news website and leading technology and marketing blogs do.

Camera and editing: Godfried de Vries. True Tuesdays is an initiative of True, the leading Dutch hosting company.



Tuesday 27 April 2010

True Tuesdays episode 13: The Best Of


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Tuesday 20 April 2010

True Tuesdays episode 12: Saed Nashef


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Tuesday 6 April 2010

True Tuesdays episode 10: David Hornik


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Tuesday 30 March 2010

True Tuesdays episode 9: Mike Linton


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Tuesday 16 March 2010

True Tuesdays episode 7: Rob Reid


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Tuesday 9 March 2010

True Tuesdays episode 6: Andrew Anker


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Tuesday 2 March 2010

True Tuesdays episode 5: Andrew Bridges

True Tuesdays episode 5: Andrew Bridges.


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Tuesday 16 February 2010

True Tuesdays episode 3: Mark Bernstein

True Tuesdays episode 3: Mark Bernstein, CEO of Hundreds of Heads.


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Tuesday 13 January 2009

Please find me elsewhere on the web in English

For years I have been telling myself I'll blog in English again as soon as I find the time, but I'm giving up looking for it. Time is permanently missing. If you are interested to see what I'm up to, I keep a moblog for friends and family here, my Twitter-self is here, Facebook here and my LinkedIn profile is here. So I will rarely post on this blog, but hope to see you around!

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Friday 17 June 2005

A cultural event: Morad Bouchakour's new photo exhibition

Our high school friend Morad celebrated the first year of his new agency Inn with an exhibition of his pictures and those of his partner Marcel. Morad photographed Johnny Depp for GQ, I blogged about it earlier this year.


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Wednesday 1 June 2005

The European constitution explained by a blogger

Dutch blogger Stephan Okhuijsen reviewed the entire European constitution paragraph by paragraph, which was a more valuable service than any site offered by the EU or the Dutch government. Looks like the French read his analysis.

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Monday 23 May 2005

The Daily Show on the blogging hype

I just found the link to an extremely funny Daily Show report on how cable news networks love to follow blogs - and then read out loud what they are seeing on their computer screens. [Via Blue Ace (Dutch)]

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Thursday 28 April 2005

"This is a car that can actually make the world feel like a better place"

No, it's not the Prius that the Independent is raving about. Another difference between the British and the Hollywood-types.

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Thursday 21 April 2005

Good thing she didn't steal a car

Romanian hides stolen mobile in vagina.

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Thursday 3 February 2005

Breaking news on the hunt for Bin Laden

CNN reports incredible news: ' al qaeda leader is dead or alive.' [via Escape]

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Saturday 22 January 2005

Give this man a late night show!

He is wasting his talent on the weather and deserves his shot at a national, or global, comedy show.

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Monday 8 November 2004

The New York Times knows nothing about The Netherlands

I grew up in the neighbourhood where the killer of Theo van Gogh lived. I went to a party at the high school he attended. We rode the same tram (us immigrants don't ride bicycles much). So I think I know a little bit about the mentality of fanatic muslims and it amazes me that the The New York Times writes the following about the situation in the Netherlands:

'The problem is not Muslim immigration, but a failure to plan for a smoother transition to a more diverse society. One very real danger is that the public trauma over the Van Gogh murder may lead to a clamor for anti-Muslim policies that could victimize thousands of innocent refugees and immigrants.

The challenge for Dutch political leaders is to find ways to reverse this disturbing trend of politically motivated violence without making it harder to achieve cultural harmony.'

Oh, really? In that case, I can't wait for the 'culturally harmonious solution' the New York Times has that could have stopped Mohammed Atta and his pals flying into the World Trade Center.

Because the problem, of course, is muslim fundamentalism and religious terrorism. Not 'the failure to plan for a smoother transition to a more diverse society.' Obviously, we shouldn't make muslims or colored people suffer when fighting terrorism. My stepfather is a muslim and a few years ago I discovered that I am colored; so yeah, you can say I am biased. But to put the blame for terrorism on the victims, would be a joke if it wouldn't be such a terribly tragic subject. Next time, before writing an editorial on this topic, The New York Times should do something really, really wild and crazy: it should send a journalist over to talk to one our fundamentalist muslim Dutch-Maroccans. Actually knowing some of these people helps to shape your opinion.

On a more positive note: keep in mind that among all muslims living in the Netherlands, the fanatics are only a minor fraction. The Economist has a more balanced view on the situation.

Note: Dutch journalist Arjan Dasselaar follows this story closely.

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Saturday 9 October 2004

Get your European bloggers view on the debate here

Dutch journalist Arjan Dasselaar blogs live live during the presidential debate, in English. His view may interest Americans, who ususally can't read most non-English blogs.

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Wednesday 6 October 2004

Edwards won

Edwards won the debate, not by being incredibly good, but by being better than most people expected. Especially on foreign policy, widely regarded as his weak spot. Cheney scored with the oneliner 'I am chairman of the senate but the first time I met you was when you walked on this stage tonight.' But Edwards tore Cheney apart on economic policy, especially with the oneliner 'your tax cuts benefit rich people sitting by their swimming pools, while our soldiers in Iraq are paying more taxes than before.' Overall, it goes to Edwards for doing better than expected on international policy. This will increase pressure on the Bush-campaign.

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Wednesday 1 September 2004

Introducing the spoils of capitalism to the new EU member states...

The Quote Challenge 2004 kicks off tomorrow morning in Cologne, Germany. At the starting line an exclusive selection of almost 50 of the finest automobiles, ranging from an Aston Martin Vanquish, a Ferrari Maranello, a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Porsche GT3 to the Ascari KZ1 Rebel (0-60 in 3.2 seconds). Two motorcycles and the unavoidable Hummer complete the starting grid.

The Quote Challenge is not a competitive event, but a gathering of like minded people. For seven days straight the participants drive across Europe in the daytime and participate in the most exclusive parties at night. During previous editions of The Challenge, participants were treated to exclusive feasts like an Arabian nights party in a Maroccan palace in Fez, a Greek night in Thessaloniki and a Louis XIV style soiree in a castle along the Loire. This year’s entertainment program will be jam-packed with stylish events that promise to outclass any previous editions.

This year’s Challenge leads through 8 primarily East European countries in 7 days, in a dedicated effort to promote the spoils of capitalism to the new member states of the European Union. As organizer Sjoerd van Stokkum puts it: “Sure, the Olympic Games were a nice warm-up, but these people in Eastern Europe are in need of a very non serious motorsports event. We’re here to fill that void.”

Online coverage of The Quote Challenge 2004 starts on Wednesday September 1 at I am producing that site for the second year and got so caught up, that I am even sponsoring the Challengers with the best suitable products from Wellness International Network: Winrgy and Food for Thought. I use them whenever I am tired and driving - or bored and in a long meeting. I use them a lot and I don't drive that much (sic).

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Monday 23 August 2004

Unexpected interior decorating style of President Bush

bush.jpg The Onion reports on the major improvements president Bush has made to the Oval Office. Seems like the president prefers plasma over LCD, interesting choice.

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Wednesday 11 August 2004

Testing a posting from a mobile phone

Dialing in at 9600 bps is just so 1994. woensdag.jpg

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Tuesday 3 August 2004

"I am George W. Bush and I think this message is just awesome"

Will Ferrell does a better Bush than the president. "You sure it's not a bear, or a puma?"

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Tuesday 6 July 2004

Plainspotting John Edwards

Funny how a plainspotter was the first to report John Kerry's pick for VP.

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Thursday 3 June 2004

It was a tough choice

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show stated that the U.S. choice for president of Iraq, Mr. Adnan Pachachi, turned down the job because it conflicted with his other goal which was "to die a natural death." [Thanks to Chris P.]

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Wednesday 2 June 2004

A search engine in its quiet period

Tonight I moderated a panel (Dutch) about search engine marketing. Where are those days when journalists asked me how it felt to be an Internet-entrepreneur, 'the new rockstars'? LOL. The debate was pretty tame, mostly because the Google representative was not allowed to participate at the last moment, due to the upcoming IPO. He was in the audience though - a decision he may have regretted as I kicked off the panel with the microphone in his face anyway.... he stuck to escape number 1: 'No comment.' Still, I just gave a radio interview for national public radio (Dutch) where I declared that Google is not evil. They feed their staff and guests too well to be evil.

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Tuesday 27 April 2004

Microsoft's corporate blog unsurprisingly corporate

Microsoft's director of platform evangelism (wild guess: a regular candidate for that beautiful American pedigree 'employee of the month') started Microsoft's corporate blog Channel 9. An interesting marketing approach that not everybody can appreciate.

'Depending on whom you ask, Channel 9 is either the next big thing in corporate communications, an attempt by the company to circumvent traditional media or an effort to foster dialogue by building an online community' says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in an interesting article.

Of course the corporate blog we're all waiting for is the one by Microsoft's legal department.

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Thursday 22 April 2004

How to survive your freshman year

surivefreshmanyear.jpg If only this book would have been out when I needed it... The interesting thing about it is the way the information for the book was collected: hundreds of college students were interviewed to collect a comprehensive overview of different strategies to get the most out of the freshman experience. Seems more appealing to me than the view of one so called expert who went to college before Woodstock.

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Thursday 8 April 2004

Europe's first in-game ad agency

diesel.jpg ' Down Under Ingame Advertising (DUIA) is the first European ad agency that specializes in advertising opportunities in games. We believe that games are the new, global mass medium, offering huge and exciting advertising opportunities.' It'll be interesting to see their work for their first clients. The Down Under site points to the Italian jeans brand Diesel working with Capcom on Devil May Cry, but it does not look like they were involved with that project. [Tip from Zacht Ei - Dutch.]

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All proceeds of these ads will go to War Child, a brilliant organisation that helps in healing the psychological damage caused to children by their experiences of war.